Papa action: Edward destined for greatness in film

Edward Radebe, a young talent who began his acting journey in 2017 at Thetha Secondary, is making significant strides in the local film scene.

In 2022, after impressing film producer and director JRoy with his skills, Edward was cast as KG in “Chingos,” a local movie about gangsterism. He also played Thiza in “Mabidi Wa Strata,” a newly released comedy. Edward’s natural talent and “born for films” attitude are set to open many doors for him in the industry.

Blaq.indi Productions and Ringleader Media have been instrumental in nurturing talent in Orange Farm and its surrounding areas. These production houses have groomed actors and actresses who are on the path to greatness and ready to make their mark on the big screen.

Kudos to Blaq.indi Productions and Ringleader Media for proving that Orange Farm is a hub of emerging talent.

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