Thieves steal valuable items in break-in at Lusemanzi ECD in Drieziek 3

Thieves broke into Lusemanzi Early Childhood Development (ECD) in Drieziek 3, stealing important items. Lusemanzi founder Lorato Duma urges residents not to buy stolen goods from her ECD and to report anyone selling them.

Lorato Duma, the principal of Lusemanzi ECD, told Orange Farm News: “We noticed on Monday when we opened that there was a break-in. It really hurt me. Everything they took was valuable. I was still putting together money to install cameras and they took the 16-channel system with its set. I’m very disappointed with the situation. It is demoralizing. How can people steal things that belong to children? I believe that the person who stole these items holds a grudge against us. I urge business people not to buy the stolen cameras and for those who took them to return everything for the children’s sake.”

“Items stolen include groceries, a 9kg gas cylinder, a 32-channel camera system set, two spotlights, drill machines, cables, welding machines, children’s clothes, shoes and more. I encourage residents not to buy stolen goods because it contributes to crime. Anyone who sees someone selling these items, please call the police,” she added.

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