Evaton’s Lesedi shines as a multi-talented actress and writer

Lesedi Ndlovu is a talented actress, voice-over artist and writer. Her remarkable abilities have secured her roles in numerous productions, showcasing how far talent, self-belief and commitment can take someone.

Lesedi discovered her love for acting in primary school, where she participated in playground and classroom performances.

“When I was in Grade 10, I received a poster from a friend about acting. I went to the auditions for acting classes at AYOBA FILMS (for Television & Theatre stage). That’s where I gained knowledge, skills, and grew my passion for acting,” Lesedi shared.

Lesedi’s first play was “Take Me To Town,” directed by Thabiso Rammala. She later performed in “Hallelujah” by Ernest Baleni and “Once More Unto The Bridge” by Lucky Ndlovu. In 2023, she began screen acting with “Ola Shorts Igazi,” playing the villainous character Jeminner. She also appeared in the production “Top Won’t Drop” and starred in “Don Guluva Season 2,” currently available on YouTube, where she played a mafia glossary.

In 2024, Lesedi continued her success with a role in the comedy “Toughnut,” portraying Nombuso, a “Gold Digger.” She also worked on “Mabidi Wa Strata,” a project by Blaq Indi Productions set to be released this year.

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