Tebogo Mokubung celebrates silver medal at 97th Comrades Marathon

Ext 1’s Mokubung, is proud to bring home a silver medal from the grueling 97th edition of the Comrades Marathon, held on Sunday, June 9.

The world’s biggest, oldest and most famous ultramarathon started in the coastal city of Durban and finished in the inland city of Pietermaritzburg. Participation in the Comrades Marathon requires significant commitment and discipline.

Mokubung, the founder of Sakhile Stars, is passionate about running as a way to maintain wellness and relieve stress from his hectic corporate life as a full-time employee.

He shared his experience with Orange Farm News: “I entered my first Comrades in 2011 to challenge my mental toughness and resilience. This was my 12th Comrades Marathon, and despite the race’s toughness, I had an amazing experience, finishing with a silver medal in 07:06. I ran as a member of Running With Sole AC.”

“You have to qualify by running a race in a certain time, and the training plan for Comrades is tough. I was fortunate to qualify early with a race in Cape Town,” Mokubung explained.

“Like with everything, Comrades requires financial support and a proper training plan. My running club manager has been amazing in securing sponsorship for my travel, accommodation, race day nutrition and more. This support makes it easy for me to focus on running without worrying about certain things,” he added.

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