MK Party Deeply concerned about brutal killings of its members

The MK Party expresses its profound sorrow and deep concern over the brutal and cold-blooded killings of our members. These heinous acts of violence, which began before the elections and continue even now, represent a grievous assault on our democratic values and the safety of our community.

MK spokesperson Nhlamulo Ndhlela, said: “We are devastated to report the further cold-blooded murder of another one of our members today that took place in front of his wife and children, compounding the tragedy and trauma experienced by his family and our party. Despite the interventions made by the South African Police Service (SAPS) in apprehending those responsible, we find it deeply troubling that the SAPS and the South African Defence Force (SADF) are now deploying police and soldiers in readiness to quell potential violence from MK Party members. This stance is profoundly misplaced and unjust, as it is clear that our members are victims, and not the perpetrators of these violent acts.”

“As a responsible and concerned party, the MK Party leadership through its spokesperson and communications department, initiated urgent discussions with Minister Bheki Cele, wherein there is consensus that MK Party commits to working with law enforcement agencies, to ensure the safety and security of our members, South Africans and civil society at large. We will continue to engage SAPS and all law enforcement agencies to ensure accountability and urge them to act swiftly and effectively in bringing the perpetrators to justice,” said Ndhlela.

“We are also aware that certain thugs and criminals will want to use the narrative to drive violent initiatives by wearing our regalia and therefore perform acts of violence in the good name of MK Party to discredit and paint MK Party leaders and members as war mongers, when in actual fact, it’s MK members that are being targeted as murder victims on a daily basis throughout the country. We reiterate our continuous call to all MK Party members and supporters to remain calm and be patient, despite all forms of provocation, “he adde.d.

Our commitment to peace and democratic principles remains steadfast, and we urge our community and South Africans to stand united and refrain from any retaliatory actions. We also urge the media to refrain from driving an agenda that aims to drive a negative narrative against MK as a party that harbours criminals and violent members of civil society,” concluded Ndhlela.

The MK Party stands with the families of those who have lost their lives and vows to continue advocating for justice and security for all our members, including all political parties that want a peaceful, patriotic and loving South Africa.

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