Huge turnout at Itemoheng Primary as election day kicks off

Election day has arrived and Itemoheng Primary voting station saw a huge number of voters from Drieziek 4 and 9 who came as early as 5am to queue and cast their votes.

The long queues reflect the importance of elections to these community members. The atmosphere is lively, with various political parties present outside Itemoheng’s gate.

Most of the voters are elderly, highlighting a concerning absence of youth at the voting station. Elderly voters who spoke to Orange Farm News said they woke up early to vote quickly and return home before the queues grew longer, as they need to take their medications. They emphasized the importance of voting and expressed a wish for the youth to recognize and exercise their rights.

So far, the elections have been peaceful, with law enforcement ensuring a smooth process.

The voting process began on Monday with Special Votes taking place across South Africa. Orange Farms PCO, Pertunia Mkhohliswa, reported that despite a few challenges, the Special Votes went well overall.

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