Vusumuzi Nkosi’s journey of resilience and creativity

Vusumuzi Nkosi (28), has a passion for exploring various art forms and experimenting with diverse materials. He particularly enjoys working with charcoal, chalk pastel, and mixed media, drawing inspiration from the social and political dynamics within South African townships.

in 2022, Nkosi’s prints made a notable appearance at Documenta 15 in Kassel, Germany, as part of the collaborative exchange involving students from aps, uj, and up. He had plans in 2023 to establish himself as a professional artist and printmaker, aiming to undertake a fourth-year internship at the artist proof studio.

Nkosi’s artistic endeavors are deeply rooted in his personal background, reflecting his experiences growing up in Orange Farm. “I gave lost family members, including my mother, I was raised by my grandparents, who relied on pension grants. Amidst the challenges of Orange Farm, marked by limited opportunities and prevalent substance abuse, my grandparents provided unwavering support and encouraged me to cultivate my artistic talents, ” Nkosi said.

Despite facing adversity from a young age, Nkosi demonstrated resilience by opening a small tuck shop to sustain himself and his brother.

His artwork serves as a testament to the resilience forged through personal loss and the determination to pursue dreams in a challenging environment.

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