Buhle’s dream of receiving a new wheelchair comes true

In a touching demonstration of compassion, Zamikhaya Ngubane, alongside Mnikazi Ngubane and Quality Biyela, generously donated essential items to Regutlile Primary.

Their gift of 25 pairs of shoes, a wheelchair for Grade 1 learner Buhle Koko, and extra shoes for fellow students underscores their unwavering commitment to education in Orange Farm. Additionally, Mjemen Enterprise, led by Zamikhaya, extended their support by providing tiling for two classrooms and 2 whiteboards, elevating the school’s learning environment.

This act of kindness reflects their ongoing dedication to addressing the challenges faced by disadvantaged learners. Rekgutlile’s principal Sibongile Nyoka conveyed her heartfelt appreciation, recognizing the profound impact of Zamikhaya’s benevolence on the community. She commended his genuine concern for African children’s well-being and education, especially evident in donations like those benefiting Buhle Koko. 

Nyoka eloquently stated: “Zamikhaya’s generosity is a lifeline for our school and community. His commitment to our children’s future is truly inspiring, and his contributions have transformed lives, including Buhle’s. We are blessed to have him as a partner in education.” 

Nyoka’s words resonate with many in the community, who regard Zamikhaya as a symbol of hope and a tireless advocate for education. His selfless actions serve as a powerful reminder of the difference one person can make in the lives of others.

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