Altercation over stolen car wires allegedly sparks arson in Phase 2

Phumulani Madonsela, a resident of Stretford Ext 9, Phase 2, is reeling from the devastation of his shack being reduced to ashes on Friday morning.

The fire engulfed his home, consuming everything from clothes, money to important documents and valuable working machines. 

Speaking to Orange Farm News, he believes that a dispute with a younger individual who stole car wires from his property and then falsely accused him of giving the wires, may have resulted in his shack becoming a target for arson. This devastating act has left him with nothing, including vital machines essential for his livelihood.

Expressing his anguish, Madonsela said: “I’m deeply devastated by this ordeal. Losing everything, especially knowing it stemmed from the confrontation with the individual who stole from me, is heart-wrenching. The loss includes company machines valued at R8,500 each, essential for grass and tree cutting, along with equipment I was repairing for others. Now, I’m left with only the clothes on my back from that fateful day. I’ve taken legal action by filing a case, but the pervasive crime in our area continues to inflict immense hardship on us.”

The area around Spar sites in Ext 9, Phase 2, has become a hotspot for crime, with rampant robberies, house break-ins and drug-related incidents plaguing the community. Reports of robberies involving an alleged white vehicle and armed perpetrators targeting residents returning home from work or entertainment venues have added to the fear and insecurity.

 Madonsela has called upon the police to intervene urgently, urging for increased patrols and community vigilance to address the escalating crime wave. He also appeals to parents to hold their children accountable for criminal behavior rather than shielding them from consequences. 

The plea for solidarity underscores the urgent need for collective action to restore safety and stability to the community.

Those willing to assist Madonsela in rebuilding his home are encouraged to contact Orange Farm News on 011 850 1026.

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