Beauty with purpose: Miss Face of Deep South Jozi delivers hope to Mokokotlong community

In a heartwarming display of generosity and community spirit, Deep South Jozi (PTY) LTD modeling and edutainment agency hosted the Miss Face of Deep South Jozi charity drive on Workers’ Day, 1 May, at Mokokotlong.

Participants of Miss Face of Deep South Jozi showcased their philanthropic spirit by donating clothes and sanitary pads, a prerequisite for becoming finalists in the categories of Teen Miss Face of Deep South Jozi (13-19 years), Little Miss Face of Deep South Jozi (7-12 years), and Mini Miss Face of Deep South Jozi 2024-25 (3-6 years).

This annual event serves as a beacon of empowerment and human dignity, with donations directed towards various local communities including Tjovitjo, the Orange Farm orphanage home, Steve Biko park, Orange Farm Ext 2 Park and Mokokotlong.

Thamsanqa, a grateful community member, emphasized the importance of extending kindness beyond borders, echoing sentiments of appreciation from the Mokokotlong community.

Morongwe Selai, crowned Teen Miss Face Of Deep South Jozi Charity Queen 2024-25, shared her motivation for giving back, inspired by her upbringing and the selflessness of her mother. She believes in the transformative power of charity, noting that even small acts of kindness can bring immense joy and comfort to those in need.

Maqhawe Madela, the visionary founder of Deep South Jozi, underscored the significance of compassion, emphasizing that generosity transcends material wealth.

With projects dating back to 2017, aimed at supporting the less fortunate, Madela extends gratitude to all participants, parents, and donors who contribute to the agency’s noble cause year after year.

In the spirit of unity and empathy, Deep South Jozi reaffirms its commitment to fostering a culture of giving and upliftment within the community.

The call for donations continues, inviting all those willing to make a difference to join the cause by reaching out via WhatsApp at 065 958 5606.

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