Anova Health4men and Gauteng Department of Health launch men’s health services at Stretford Clinic

In an effort to address the healthcare needs of men in Johannesburg, Anova Health4men and the Gauteng Department of Health collaborated to inaugurate men’s health services at Stretford Clinic on 30 April.

Attended by community members, stakeholders and various organizations, the event aimed to create a comfortable space for men to access healthcare services tailored to their needs.

Recognizing the reluctance of men to seek medical assistance, particularly due to concerns about queuing and interacting with female nurses, the clinic intends to alleviate these barriers by offering a welcoming environment staffed by male healthcare providers.

With expertise in HIV prevention, sexual reproductive health and non-communicable diseases, Anova Health Institute is well-positioned to spearhead this initiative.

Services provided at the clinic include HIV testing and treatment, PrEP, sexual reproductive health screenings, prostate cancer screenings and screenings for tuberculosis, diabetes and hypertension. Additionally, referral services, acute care and free condoms and lubricants are available.

Encouraging men to utilize the clinic, both Stretford Clinic management and Anova Health4men emphasized the importance of accessing healthcare services tailored to men’s needs.

It’s noted that men visiting the clinic should begin by registering at the hall before being directed to the men’s clinic, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for all visitors.

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