Department of Education inspires Imbali matriculants with onsite guidance

In an effort to empower and motivate students, the Department of Education’s delegation, featuring spokesperson Elijah Mhlanga, Thomas Sibuyi and others, graced the premises of Imbali Combined School on Monday.

Amidst their busy schedules, they dedicated time to guide the class of 2024 matric students, offering practical advice for their educational journey. The visit was marked by a message of empowerment, as matriculants were reassured that they can achieve anything they set their minds to, regardless of their circumstances or backgrounds.

This empowering message was underscored by Imbali Combined’s impressive track record of maintaining a 100 percent pass rate consecutively, showcasing the dedication and commitment of both educators and learners within the school.

The presence of the Department of Education’s delegates served as a significant motivation for the school community. Beyond offering guidance to the students, the delegates also had the opportunity to tour the school premises and engage with both educators and learners.

Reflecting on the impact of the visit, Mankuna, Imbali Combined’s brand manager, expressed gratitude on behalf of the school community to Mhlanga for his invaluable partnership in education.

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