Ke Bokgoni Ba Modimo Foundation cultivating self-sufficiency in Orange Farm needs your help

The Ke Bokgoni Ba Modimo Foundation, established in 2016, is a pillar of strength for the Orange Farm community, they equip residents with the skills and resources to achieve self-sufficiency and build lasting wealth across generations.

The foundation offers a variety of services to meet the needs of the community. They establish vegetable gardens in schools, churches and backyards, with assistance from the Department of Agriculture and Reuben Mphahlele. They also provide cooked meals and vegetables through Meals on Wheels.

Working with churches and community members, Ke Bokgoni Ba Modimo Foundation distributes clothes to those in need and promotes reading and writing skills by acquiring book donations from the Read Trust Foundation. They collaborate with churches to run programs like “Families Matter” to guide families in dealing with HIV/AIDS.

The foundation goes beyond basic necessities by assisting learners with school supplies, uniforms, shoes and toiletries. They also facilitate identity document acquisition for those who lack them and donate office furniture to ECDs and churches, supported by contributions from private hospitals in Midrand.

Despite all the hardwork, the foundation faces hurdles in their mission, including transportation limitations due to the lack of a reliable vehicle. The absence of a laptop and router hinders their ability to access information and apply for funding. Operating without a bank account makes financial management difficult, and the City of Johannesburg’s lease agreement requirement restricts them from acquiring certain types of funding. Inoperable donated items like fridges, computers, and stoves create an additional burden.

Chairperson, Nandipa Nnabuife, told Orange Farm News: “The Ke Bokgoni Ba Modimo Foundation pleads with businesses,organisations and well-wishers to please assist us with building materials, clothes, computers, toiletries, school supplies, overalls, gloves, boots, garden tools, cooking equipment and blankets. Financial contributions are also welcome to enable us to maintain our programmes effectively.”

To donate or get involved, contact Nandipa Nnabuife (Director/Chairperson) on 082 785 4790 / 065 140 2311 or Aphiwe N Masilela (Secretary- Trainee) on 081 841 4956.

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