United Future Stars Academy appeals for contributions to cover DzaDza Tournament expenses

United Future Stars Academy is gearing up for the upcoming DzaDza Sport Development Tournament set to take place during the June school holidays in Soweto, Protea South.

The nine-day tournament will see teams from various divisions competing fiercely, with each division – U13,15 and 17 – vying for victory.

In preparation for this exciting event, the academy is reaching out to the community for assistance. With a rigorous schedule of one game per day for each division, the academy has decided to camp at the tournament venue to ensure maximum focus and performance. To facilitate this, they are seeking donations of any amount to cover expenses.

The costs associated with the tournament are significant. The camping arrangements at Protea South Primary School alone amount to R800.00. Additionally, there’s the affiliation fee, bringing the total to at least R2,300.00. Considering the duration of the tournament, contributions towards food for the players throughout the nine days are also welcomed.

Moreover, transportation expenses, including booking two Quantum vehicles at R1,500.00 each, sum up to R3,000.00.

United Future Stars Academy assures the community that they are committed to giving their best performance, as they have always done in the past.

To offer support or inquire further, please call 078 8464 530.


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