Teenage Rights Dialogue takes centre stage in Drieziek 5

We Strive To Live NPO took a proactive step towards empowering the next generation by organizing a vibrant dialogue centered on the rights of teenage girls and boys aged 10 to 13.

The event, held at Pink Spot in Drieziek 5 earlier this month, aimed to educate youths on their rights, how to identify violations and steps to take when faced with such situations.

Beyond insightful discussions, the day was filled with excitement as attendees engaged in fun-filled games, received Easter eggs, snacks and a hearty lunch. The event underscored the significance of equipping young minds with the knowledge and skills to navigate societal challenges from an early age.

Thandeka Mdunyelwa, representing We Strive To Live, expressed delight at the success of the event, acknowledging the contributions of key individuals such as Sk Nhlapo, Zintle Dlamini, Thandabantu, Landy Yeatman, Kani, Rebecca Langa and all others who played a role in making the day a memorable triumph.

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