Man sentenced to life imprisonment for raping a 12-year old

The Alexandra Magistrates’ Court sentenced Muzi Kwanda Langa (37) to life imprisonment for raping a 12-year old in 2019. The perpetrator was charged with two counts of rape in that he had penetrated the victim on two occasions in 2019.

He used to call the victim and her friends to come and wash dishes for him.  The first incident took place when Langa sent the complainant’s friend to buy him cigarettes. Whilst she was gone, he raped the complainant. On the second occasion, he called the complainant as it was her birthday to come and collect a gift, on arrival, he chased the friend away saying he only wants the victim.

He closed her inside the house and had sexual intercourse with her. He throughout trial pleaded denial but prosecutor, Percy Ramushu who was representing the state, presented strong evidence leading to his conviction. Ramushu also presented a victim impact report as well as a pre-sentence report from the probation officer.

The Magistrate Hannelie Banks agreed with the prosecution and found him guilty as charged. The prosecutor argued for the minimum sentence and the court sentenced him to life imprisonment and declared him to be unfit to possess a firearm. The court further ordered that his name be registered in the sexual offences register.

Moving forward, the NPA reaffirms its commitment to combating gender-based violence and continues to work tirelessly to create a society where all individuals can live free from fear and harm.


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