The Deep House maestro King Surge is making waves and spreading joy

Renowned as King Surge, Lwandile Ntunu emerges as a beacon in the realm of Deep House, enchanting crowds and fulfilling his passion for music through the art of DJing. 

In an interview with Orange Farm News, King Surge expressed his profound affection for house music, praising its profound messages and soul-stirring melodies. His journey into DJing began in 2012, inspired by the communal joy and unity fostered by music during neighborhood gatherings known as stokvels in his youth.

 For King Surge, DJing transcends mere profession; it embodies his deepest passion and love. Witnessing the euphoria and connection that music ignites among listeners fuels his determination and gratification with every performance. 

“I am a humble individual, eager to nurture the talents of fellow DJs,” he remarked, highlighting his commitment to providing platforms for emerging artists. His event series, “It’s Deep But Fun,” and collaborative live stream sessions serve as avenues for showcasing talent and fostering camaraderie within the industry.

Acknowledging the evolving role of DJs from radio personalities to versatile music mixers, King Surge advocates for collaboration and mentorship. He encourages aspiring DJs to immerse themselves in their chosen genres, drawing inspiration from seasoned professionals while embracing technological advancements in music production. 

To stay updated on his upcoming events, he invites enthusiasts to connect with him through various social media channels, including Facebook, TikTok and YouTube.

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