Six suspects apprehended for illegal firearms and ammunition at Naledi Taxi Rank

In a recent crackdown by SAPS, six individuals found themselves in cuffs for possession of illegal firearms and live ammunition.

The operation unfolded on Wednesday, 17 April, around noon, at the bustling Naledi Taxi Rank in Ext 1, Orange Farm. As part of their routine Crime Prevention patrols, officers noticed a suspicious vehicle carrying six occupants entering the taxi rank. Without hesitation, the police swiftly approached the vehicle and its occupants, executing a thorough search.

Their efforts yielded alarming results as they uncovered two illegal firearms and a stash of live ammunition in the possession of the suspects. Waste no time, the SAPS promptly arrested and detained the individuals on charges related to the possession of illegal firearms and ammunition.

The apprehended suspects are slated to make an appearance at the Vereeniging Magistrate’s Court, where they will face the full extent of the law for their illicit activities.

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