OFLFA Super League returns with thrilling matches after brief hiatus

Following a brief intermission, the OFLFA Super League is set to resume this weekend, promising fans a riveting display of soccer prowess as teams gear up to resume their quest for victory and valuable points.

Kicking off on 20 April at the picturesque Nhlapo Ground in Lakeside, a lineup of exciting matches awaits eager spectators:

1. Lakeside Juventus will clash with Happy Boys in a showdown of skill and determination at 10am.

2. At noon, Az Ramblers will take on Happy Masters in what promises to be a battle of strategic prowess.

3. The afternoon heat will see Deportivo face off against BSA at 2pm, with both teams vying for dominance on the field.

The action doesn’t stop there, as the following day, on 21 April, brings another round of thrilling encounters at Nhlapo Ground Lakeside:

1. Black Vultures will lock horns with TLC in a match brimming with anticipation and excitement.

2. Will Power Academy will go head-to-head against Young Golden Boys at 12pm, as both sides vie for supremacy.

3. The day will culminate in a clash between Dube Warriors and Arsenal at 2pm, promising an electrifying finale to the weekend’s soccer extravaganza.

With teams poised to resume their campaigns with renewed vigor and determination, the OFLFA Super League promises to deliver yet another unforgettable weekend of soccer action for fans across Lakeside and beyond.

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