Hip Hop phenom Blaki Chan sets the stage ablaze with his unique sound

At 37 years old, Bonga Mangcipu, known by his stage name Blaki Chan, stands as a dynamic force in the world of hip hop.

As both an artist and a producer, his musical journey is marked by the release of two albums: “Dreamz” in 2016, “My Life and Hip Hop” in 2019, and “Feel Good Music” in 2022. Additionally, he has crafted two EPs: “Bars Necessary Vol 1” in 2018 and “Unfinished, Unmixed” in 2017.

In an exclusive interview with Orange Farm News, Blaki Chan shared his electrifying experiences performing across various locales, from the vibrant streets of Soweto to the bustling energy of Johannesburg’s Braamfontein. Recalling a particularly memorable performance at the Calton Center alongside a friend, he emphasized the thrill of igniting crowds with his fiery stage presence.

“I thrive on the energy of the audience their reactions fuel my passion for delivering top-notch performances,” he said.

Currently immersed in the creative process, Blaki Chan teased the upcoming release of his untitled EP, debuting with the single “Ngiy 1” in January. As the founder of Hoodfellaz Productions, he champions independence, steering his career with unwavering determination.

Reflecting on his collaborative spirit, he expressed eagerness to collaborate with diverse talents, especially female artists, underscoring his commitment to inclusivity and innovation in the industry.

To stay connected with his growing fanbase, Blaki Chan maintains a strong online presence, with active profiles on social media platforms inviting enthusiasts to join him on his musical journey.

Facebook: Bonga “Blaki Chan” Mangcipu- Instagram: @Blaki_Chan- TikTok: Blaki_Chain87.

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