Alfacoxswain’s ‘Idea Acting Workshop 03’ ignites aspiring talents in Ext 3

Alfacoxswain recently set the stage for aspiring actors and actresses to shine with their educational masterpiece, “The Idea Acting Workshop 03,” led by the esteemed director, Aaliyah Lindiwe Tukwane and Tshepo Summit.

This transformative event, held in Ext 3 at Dinangwe, provided a nurturing platform for 30 budding talents, ranging from 13-year-old youngsters to seasoned enthusiasts, to refine their craft. The workshop featured a stellar appearance by Prince Phuma Dlamini, a renowned figure from hit series like Isitha and Scandal.

Dlamini shared invaluable insights into the nuances of acting, uncovering details often overlooked in the industry. Participants emerged with a comprehensive grasp of the profession, laying a solid groundwork in “Acting 101.”

More than just a learning experience, the workshop paved the way for opportunities. Alfacoxswain proudly announced potential job prospects within the media industry for standout talents displaying exceptional dedication. The event culminated with the distribution of attendance certificates, marking a significant milestone for these aspiring artists.

Heartfelt gratitude extends to Mohapi for generously providing the space at Dinangwe, fostering the growth of aspiring actors, actresses, directors and scriptwriters from Orange Farm, Sharpville and Evaton.

Are you passionate about acting and eager to elevate your skills? Alfacoxswain is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of talent. If you’re eager to partake in future endeavors, reach out on 082 383 3912Email:

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