SELTE leads call to action for special education placements

Phumelele Tshatani, the president of SPECIAL Special Education Is Logical In Technical Equality (SELTE), is extending a heartfelt invitation to parents whose children have yet to secure placement in specialized schools to join SELTE on 17 April.

Together, they will present a memorandum to the Johannesburg South District Department of Education, advocating for prompt action to address the delays in placing learners with special needs.

SELTE, dedicated to ensuring that all children with special needs receive an education, voices deep concern over the prolonged wait times for placements, emphasizing the urgent need to act swiftly as time ticks away.

Parents are urged to submit their children’s names for inclusion on waiting lists before 15 April deadline. Tshatani empathizes with the emotional strain experienced by parents who have tirelessly pursued placements for their children in Learners with Special Educational Needs (LSEN) schools, only to face continued disappointments.

Determined to address this pressing issue, SELTE plans to lead parents in a silent march, highlighting the collective exhaustion felt by those advocating for the rights of learners who are currently deprived of educational opportunities at a young age.

Tshatani extends a warm invitation to all parents to stand together in solidarity during the march, emphasizing the importance of their presence in effecting change.

For further details regarding the memorandum handover and the silent march, interested individuals are encouraged to contact or message Tshatani at 078 3413 458.

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