Orange Farm Community Football League set to kick off with a bang this weekend!

The Orange Farm Community Football League is set to commence this weekend, starting on 6 April, following a spirited and fiercely contested competition dedicated to honoring MJ “Ankel” Nhlapo. The league will kick off with the first of nine games scheduled for the inaugural leg of the 2024 season.

Anticipation is high for an even more exhilarating season this year, building upon the excitement of previous seasons. Molefi Mpe, speaking on behalf of the league, expressed their commitment to serving the Orange Farm community through their highly competitive football league.

Emphasizing their dedication to player development and advancement, Mpe highlighted the league’s role in propelling aspiring athletes to higher levels of competition. Several players have already attracted interest from teams in the Gauteng Development League (GDL), awaiting only the finalization of their identity documents (IDs) before joining these prestigious clubs.

Among these opportunities, players are poised to represent institutions such as Kathorus Hyper Academy, Remember Elite Sport Academy and were slated to compete for North West University in Vanderbijlpark. The overarching mission remains clear: to nurture youth talent and champion the growth of sports within the community.

“We promise to give our best in serving the communities of Orange Farm with our very competitive football league. Most importantly, we aim to develop and promote more players to the big leagues, as we always do. Our goal is to nurture talent and foster a love for sports within the community,” shared Molefi Mpe.

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