Ingenious innovator Sfiso Zwane turns heads with DIY car crafted from bicycle, dreams of roadworthy future

Eikenhof’s Sfiso Zwane, aged 33, is causing a stir on the streets with his homemade car which attracts both admiration for his ingenuity and offers of financial support from amazed onlookers.

Despite dropping out of Grade 9 due to personal challenges, Zwane has transformed his passion for automobiles into a thriving business venture. Utilizing wires and beads, Zwane does not only craft cars, he also creates helicopters, metro police cars, rat traps and human figurines for sale.

Struggling with transportation, he devised a solution of constructing a bicycle-powered car complete with a trailer for easy mobility, enabling him to deliver goods to clients and conduct sales across various locations.

Dreaming of one day seeing his creations showcased in dealerships, Zwane named his current vehicle the Converter VW, emphasizing its dual purpose for deliveries and marketing. Despite encountering occasional challenges from fellow motorists, most drivers admire his vehicle, which serves as a conversation starter about his business endeavors.

Despite his lack of formal education, Zwane aspires to further develop his skills and become a professional car maker. Those interested in supporting Zwane’s ambitions can reach out to 011 850 1026.

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