Sisters turn grief into compassion: In Her Footprints instills hope and restores dignity

In 2023, sisters Rudzani Mncube and Nokulunga Tonga established “In Her Footprint,” inspired by the memory of their late mother. Amidst their grief, they found purpose in aiding others, transforming tragedy into a beacon of hope for the vulnerable.

Reflecting on their journey, Nokulunga and Rudzani shared with Orange Farm News: “Our Charity Drive was born from the profound loss of our beloved mother, Mama Hlawu, who courageously battled a severe hemorrhagic stroke. Witnessing her transition from independence to reliance on us for nearly a year, we experienced firsthand the financial strain of providing her essentials.”

Driven by Mama Hlawu’s legacy, the sisters launched the “In Her Footprints” drive, dedicated to supporting individuals with disabilities by ensuring access to daily necessities. Their inaugural drive in February marked a milestone as they successfully donated essential items to the Itlhokomeleng Association for the Aged & Disabled Home in Alexandra.

“Our goal is to rally support and compassion from the community, encouraging others to join us in making a positive impact,” the sisters expressed.

They emphasized the importance of donating crucial items such as adult nappies, wet wipes, linen savers, vaseline, bum cream, pressure sore cream and mattress covers.

To learn more about their initiative or contribute, visit their Facebook page and become part of their compassionate mission.

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