Noble Virgin hosts annual graduation ceremony celebrating maidenhood and achievements

On 21 March, in the heart of Palm Springs, the Noble Virgin organization proudly hosted its annual graduation ceremony at the Multipurpose Centre in Evaton North.

Amidst a jubilant atmosphere, 183 maidens walked the stage, marking an exciting and proud moment for both the maidens and their parents.

“We celebrate our girls each year for their commitment to abstaining and preserving their virginity. They undergo testing every first week of the month from January to December and today, we present them with certificates and gifts,” said the organizers.

The event welcomed the esteemed Lesego Tau foundation as special guests. Graduates were recognized across different educational levels, ranging from primary to Grade 12, distinguished by their attire. Those without gowns represented the lower grades, while those adorned in gowns symbolized tertiary scholars and graduates.

The ceremony honored a diverse array of achievements, from aspiring engineers and doctors to educators and nurses, with some still pursuing their educational journeys.

Noble Virgin stands as a beacon of guidance, advocating for positive behavior among girls. Through education on womanhood, emphasizing the significance of preserving virginity, teaching self-respect and fostering empowerment, the organization equips young women with the tools they need to thrive in life.

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