Ghetto Dreams gives back with Thanksgiving event to support those in need

Ghetto Dreams Organization is not only dedicated to nurturing the dreams of local youths but also to making a tangible difference in their community.

With a focus on implementing sustainable development plans through social strategies, the organization is set to host a heartwarming Thanksgiving event on 1 April at Clean Touch Skill Centre. This event isn’t just about turkey and trimmings; it’s about giving back to those who need it most.

The organization aims to provide clothing and uniforms to individuals facing hardships, underscoring their unwavering commitment to community support and empowerment.

If you’re inspired to join their cause or lend a helping hand, contact Ghetto Dreams Organization on 072 243 7792 or connect with them on Facebook (Dreams Organization, Ghetto Dreams Organization) and Instagram (Ghetto Dreams Organization.01).

Let’s spread the spirit of giving together!

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