Empowering entrepreneurs: The journey of the Orange Farm Chamber of Small Businesses

In 2018, Puseletso Mafisa, dubbed “The Unemployed CEO,” envisioned a collaborative platform for small businesses in Orange Farm, leading to the inception of the Orange Farm Chamber of Small Businesses.

Initially operating under Mafisa Tech Affiliate Pty Ltd, Mafisa recognized the need for a nonprofit organization to represent local businesses. With founding members Celiwe Tshabalala, Gcina and Odwa, the Orange Farm Business Community was born.

Despite initial setbacks, including a departure from the group due to oversight, Mafisa remains committed to the cause, operating solo and seeking like-minded entrepreneurs to join him. The chamber serves as a vital resource for local businesses, offering support, resources and opportunities for growth.

Affiliated with the Small Business Institute (SBI), it leverages a broader network to advocate for policies and initiatives benefiting small businesses in Orange Farm.

For more information, contact Puseletso Mafisa on 063 817 3213 or Email: puseletso55@gmail.com.

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