Citizens speak out: Perspectives on South Africa’s state ahead of elections

From poor service delivery to widespread poverty caused by unemployment and corruption, concerns loom large over the state of the country. Orange Farm News engaged with local residents to gather insights on the impending elections in May.

Sphelele ‘Specialist’ Lolwane: We’re all yearning for change as a nation. Especially the youth, who’ve lost hope in the system. Voting alone won’t suffice; we need tangible progress. Change seems elusive and trust is hard to come by. We’ve been dealt a tough hand.

Thandeka Mdunyelwa: South Africa stands at a pivotal juncture with the upcoming election. The emergence of new political parties, many from within the ruling party, is concerning. We’ve lost faith in the prospect of improvement. It’s time for unity and collective efforts to move forward.

Nkululeko Sogula: Voting is our democratic right, crucial for shaping South Africa’s future. We must elect a party committed to service delivery, border security and creating opportunities for all. Let’s vote for change, ensuring a brighter tomorrow for our children and future generations.

Zama Ndlebe: Our nation grapples with numerous challenges, including service delivery failures and rampant youth unemployment. Age restrictions exacerbate the job crisis. While some remain loyal to the ruling party, others have lost faith. Let’s avoid opposition parties and focus on building a stronger, united government.

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