Ekuphumuleni Home extends gratitude to Carbon Steel Industries and seeks donors to sustain operations

Esther Madonsela, founder of Ekuphumuleni Home of Peace Organisation and Development Center in Ext 9 Phase 2, has been on a mission since 2020 to provide a haven for vulnerable children in need.

Collaborating with various stakeholders, Madonsela’s center not only offers shelter but also provides after-school care, assisting learners with their homework and more.

Madonsela’s vision is to alleviate the plight of needy children by supplying essentials like food, clothing and school uniforms. However, the lack of donors has hindered her efforts. With poverty escalating, many families face hunger daily, a situation Madonsela is determined to change.

Expressing her gratitude for a recent donation from Carbon Steel Industries in De Deur, Madonsela highlighted the significance of installing a gate at the center. She stated: “I used to purchase materials from Carbon Steel Industries, and when I asked for assistance, they generously stepped forward. Their donation has enhanced the safety of our premises and I am immensely thankful.”

Despite this progress, Ekuphumuleni Home of Peace still requires essential facilities such as toilets, showers, doors, locks and building materials. Madonsela emphasized her aspiration to create a nurturing environment where children feel loved and cared for.

She said: “With your support, we can turn Ekuphumuleni Home of Peace into a haven where children experience comfort and care.”

“Carbon Steel Industries helped us a lot. They did donate materials for the gate someone came and put the gate. Now, it’s safer. I’m grateful to them; with this donation, words fail me. We are still short with toilets, showers, 6 outside doors, 6 locks, 6 meters plastering sand, 20 bags cement. Roofing, beds, and blankets, food, school shoes and other necessary equipment for the Home will be appreciated. My wish is to make Ekuphumuleni Home of Peace a suitable and comfortable home for children where they feel at home, where there’s love, comfort and care. With your help, it can happen,” Madonsela concluded.

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