Intense action unfolds: OFLFA teams clash for points in weekend battles

In a weekend ablaze with competition, OFLFA teams squared off in a fervent pursuit of victory on both Saturday and Sunday.

The stakes were high as each team vied for crucial points to advance their standings.

Here are the riveting results from the weekend OFLFA Super League matches:

Lakeside Juventus claimed a victory by walkover against TLC with a scoreline of 2-0.

Happy Boys and BSA engaged in a thrilling draw, ending the match with a 3-3 deadlock.

Dube Warriors and Black Vultures battled fiercely, ultimately settling for a 1-1 draw.

Arsenal secured a commanding victory by walkover against Happy Masters, triumphing with a score of 2-0.

Az Ramblers displayed dominance on the field, defeating Deportivo with an impressive 7-3 victory

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