MV Battle League: Nurturing youth talent amidst social challenges

In 2023, Lebohang Popu, Gcinintando Kubeka and Asanda Ntshokoma sparked the flame of creativity in their community with The Kasi Battle League. Armed only with a small speaker box at African Carwash, they ignited fierce battles among local talents.

However, the noise and the growing popularity of the battles drew unwanted attention, leading to their eviction by law enforcement officials. Undeterred, they relocated to Ext 2 Mountain View Park, where the Kasi battles collided with the vision of Karry kay SA.

With Karry kay SA’s invaluable support in branding, logistics and resources procurement, the battles evolved into the MV Battle League at Mountain View. Every Saturday, the league provided a platform for youth to showcase their talents, fostering a supportive environment while addressing social challenges.

Expanding beyond street battles, MV Battle League launched weekday dance classes at Ext2 Community Hall, nurturing aspiring dancers with professional guidance. Their belief in the transformative power of youth led to the establishment of a Dance Academy under the Tswelopele Montessory Foundation. To further engage the community, MV Battle League initiated donation-based battles, offering a unique avenue for youths to support each other amidst their daily struggles.

Recognizing the importance of arts and culture, winners were rewarded with encouragement in the form of branded t-shirts. March 30, marks a milestone for MV Battle League as they host their inaugural Main Dance Derby event, showcasing the top talents and awarding prizes to the standout performers.

“Looking ahead, the league aims to amplify the voices of Orange Farm’s talents, extending their reach across South Africa. With aspirations of fostering hope and empowerment, MV Battle League remains committed to keeping the spirit of arts and culture alive in their community,” said Karry Kay SA.

For those seeking more information or wishing to support their cause, partnerships and sponsorships can call Karry kay SA on 27 76 558 7575.

Visit their Facebook page @MV Battle League and TikTok @MV_Battle_League for updates and videos.

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