Failed truck hijacking results in suspect fatally shot in Golden Highway

A tense situation unfolded on Tuesday, 19 March, at approximately 11:30am along the Golden Highway resulting in a fatal outcome.

Authorities were alerted to a disturbing scene at the intersection of Link Road and Golden Highway, where they discovered the lifeless body of a male individual lying in the roadway, bearing a gunshot wound.

According to reports, the deceased and an accomplice allegedly attempted to hijack a moving truck traveling northbound. Brandishing firearms from both the passenger and driver’s side windows, they demanded the truck’s surrender.

However, their nefarious intentions were foiled when the driver, quick to react, accelerated away from the scene. In a desperate bid to subdue the driver, one of the suspects discharged a firearm but narrowly missed his target. In a dramatic turn of events, the driver, armed with a legally-owned firearm, retaliated by firing at both assailants before making his escape to safety.

Tragically, one suspect succumbed to their injuries at the scene, while the other managed to evade capture with the assistance of an unknown accomplice.

Authorities have initiated investigations into this incident, registering cases of attempted truck hijacking and murder.

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