PLPDL soccer league pays tribute to Motsamai Nhlapo, a soccer pioneer in Orange Farm

The Positive Living People Dinokeng Lekoa (PLPDL) soccer league recently hosted matches to honor the MJ ‘Ankel’ Nhlapo competition (Human Rights Day Competition).

“We implemented a point system for the U11 and U13 divisions from 9 March to 10, while the U15 and U17 matches took place on 16 and 17. Our finalists, vying for the championship title, will compete on 21 March at Ext 9, Phase 1, Hazulu Ground. The finals will kick off at 9 am, spanning from U11 to U17, concluding at 6 pm,” said PLPDL’s chairperson, Molefi Mpe.

Additionally, Mpe expressed, “We are proud to honor Motsamai Job ‘Ankel’ Nhlapo, who has dedicated a considerable amount of time to community sports in Orange Farm. Despite facing challenges within the Orange Farm Local Football Association (OFLFA), where he was a member in good standing, Mr. Nhlapo’s commitment never wavered. When we established the PLPDL community football league and competition NPC, he was our staunch supporter from day one. It’s only fitting that our league pays homage to his invaluable contributions.”

The finalists and divisions are as follows:

-U11: Stretford Young Tigers FC vs Positive Living People FC

U13: Vision 2025 FC vs Stretford Young Tigers FC

U15: Positive Living People FC vs Dona’s Mates Football Academy

U17: Stretford Young Tigers FC vs Young Tigers FC.

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