After enduring eight sexual abuses Doreen Nomkhosi Msomi turns pain into purpose

Doreen Nomkhosi Msomi (48), known as Indlovukazi, has endured the trauma of sexual abuse eight times. Despite her harrowing experiences, she has emerged as a beacon of hope, serving as a motivational speaker and a dedicated activist against Gender-based violence (GBV).

Through her organisation, Bayedekazi Indlovukazi NPC, founded in 2023, she tirelessly advocates for survivors and shares her own story to inspire others. Msomi’s resilience and courage have garnered attention on various TV shows and in 2022, she was crowned Mrs eSoweto Personality.

A mother of two children with special needs, she has faced profound challenges, including the loss of one child to brain death. However, she channels her strength into online counseling and motivational posts on social media platforms like Facebook.

Originally from Orange Farm Ext 6, where she encountered some of the abuses, Msomi emphasizes the importance of sharing her story and embracing a positive attitude for healing.

Reflecting on her past, she bravely reveals the extent of her suffering: “I was raped eight times by eight different perpetrators. I’m living with HIV and I attempted suicide eleven times. I’m a widow and I have an NPC called Bayedekazi Indlovukazi.”

Despite the immense pain she has endured, Msomi refuses to be defined by her past. She recalls a recent encounter with one of her abusers, confronting him with a mix of anger and determination: “I remember that I’m Indlovukazi and I can’t fail.”

Although she grappled with thoughts of revenge, she ultimately finds solace in her advocacy work and the support of others.

Msomi’s message is one of empowerment and resilience. She encourages victims to speak up, seek help and remember that they are not defined by their trauma. Through her unwavering determination and positive outlook, she exemplifies the possibility of finding purpose and healing after tragedy.

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