Famsox: More than just socks, a beacon of hope and inspiration

Drieziek 4’s Chaina Tsoamotse and Chantel Tsoamotse rebranded Kasi Image Concepts to Famsox last year. Their socks are not only beautiful and colorful but also contain inspiring messages that give hope.

Famsox doesn’t just warm your feet; it warms your heart too. Created to inspire hope and motivate everyone not to give up, no matter what life throws, Famsox is also a tool for giving back. The founders understand the power of community support, as evidenced by their sponsorship of socks for the Top 8 participants of the Swidi Wodwa Easter Schools Soccer Tournament.

Chaina Tsoamotse, told Orange Farm News: “We specialize in customized socks, essentials and accessories. Famsox+ is a young, innovative brand promoting customized everyday wear. We provide high-quality, colorful customized socks catering to different individuals, aiming to make people feel good in their daily essentials.”

“Our inspiration comes from a survey we once did in an orphanage home in Orange Farm, where we found out socks are the most requested items in homeless shelters. Socks are essential in our daily lives, yet local streetwear only focuses on apparel and forgets about essentials. We aim to bridge that gap. We love adding a special touch, providing hope and motivation with personalized notes in our packaging. For example, with the Swidi Wodwa schools Top 8, we see future soccer stars, so our notes were inspired by their role models like Messi, Neymar, and more.”

Famsox offer collaborations with sports teams, businesses, schools and more to expand the joy that comes with Famsox. They promote brand awareness through malls, schools, company road shows and advertise their products there. Famsox’ ‘3 for 2’ deal is key to their brand’s success and awareness; for every two socks bought, the third one is donated to schools, creches or shelters. They also sponsor local events.

“Our clients are always excited about our products because we’re a kasi socks boutique, providing limited exclusive products and offering customizable options that cater to their style and comfort. Currently, we don’t have a physical store; we operate online on WhatsApp (082 385 2755), TikTok (famsox), and Facebook (famsox), with plans to launch our own website soon,” he added.

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