The Ananda Marga Champions League tournament makes a triumphant return!

Get ready for a season filled with soccer brilliance as twelve dynamic U11, U13, and U15 teams from Orange Farm gear up for The Ananda Marga Champions League Under soccer extravaganza!

This thrilling tournament, which resumed on 9 March and will end in October at Exchange Grounds, promises high-octane action and fierce competition.

Teams will be divided into groups, battling it out in exhilarating knockout rounds until only the top two contenders remain to face off in the ultimate showdown.

The stakes are high, with enticing prizes awaiting the champions:

1st Prize: A gleaming Golden trophy, complete soccer kits, and 25 prestigious Gold medals.

2nd Prize: Essential soccer bibs and 25 shining Silver medals.

3rd Prize: 25 distinguished Bronze medals and 5 brand new soccer balls.

4th Prize: 5 additional soccer balls to keep the spirit of the game alive.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there! Each group will receive three match balls to fuel their competitive spirit.

Individual excellence will also be recognized and rewarded:

Top Goal Scorer: For the player with the most impressive scoring record.

Best Goalkeeper: Recognizing outstanding defensive prowess.

Best Defender: Celebrating resilience and skill in the backline.

Discipline Player: Honoring sportsmanship and fair play.

Rally behind these young athletes, cheering them on with your support and encouragement as they showcase their talent and passion for the beautiful game!

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