In Pictures: Drieziek’s Gogo Bertha Mthiyane celebrates 110th Birthday

On Saturday, 9 March, a party was held in honour of Drieziek 4’s gogo Bertha Mthiyane who turned 110 years on 6 March.

She grew up in Frankfort, Free State, embracing the values instilled by her parents and community. She entered into matrimony with the Mthiyane family, she carried her birth surname, Shezi, with pride. Together, with her now late husband, they raised a large family and were blessed with 11 children, though the loss of 4 remains a poignant chapter in her story.

Her legacy extends far beyond her immediate family, she boasts an impressive lineage of 19 grandchildren, 41 great-grandchildren and 10 great-great-grandchildren. Beyond the roles of wife and mother, gogo Bertha found solace and joy in the simple pleasures of life.
A master in the kitchen, she found fulfillment in cooking hearty meals, often opting for the simplicity of boiled dishes seasoned with just water and salt. Her love for cleanliness and order permeated every aspect of her daily routine.

Yet, it is not merely her culinary skills that have garnered attention but her remarkable longevity. When asked about her secret, gogo Bertha attributes her longevity to a steadfast commitment to respecting both the young and the old, alongside unwavering faith in the teachings of God. Her most profound lesson, however, lies in the power of forgiveness.

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Gogo Bertha firmly believes that harbouring grudges only serves to poison the soul. Instead, she advocates for forgiveness as the key to moving forward, regardless of how others may treat us.

As gogo Bertha celebrates yet another milestone birthday, her life serves as a beacon of love, faith and forgiveness to all who have the privilege of knowing her.

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