Goals galore and upsets: Weekend recap of OFLFA Super League action

The OFLFA Super League witnessed a thrilling weekend of soccer action as local teams battled it out for crucial points.

Fans were treated to a spectacular showcase of skill and determination as teams left it all on the field. The Black Vultures soared to victory in a dominant display, crushing Happy Boys with a resounding 7-0 win.

Meanwhile, Az Ramblers and Will Power Academy fought tooth and nail to a goalless draw, showcasing defensive prowess on both sides.

In another intense matchup, Arsenal narrowly edged out Dube Warriors with a tight 1-0 victory, securing three valuable points.

TLC claimed victory by walkover against Happy Masters, while Young Golden Boys secured a thrilling 3-2 win against BSA in a closely contested encounter.

The action didn’t stop there as Lakeside Juventus and Deportivo battled to a thrilling 2-2 draw, with both teams refusing to back down until the final whistle.

With such electrifying performances, the OFLFA Super League continues to captivate fans with its excitement and unpredictability.

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