Orange Farm Football Association seeks sponsors to empower local youth and combat social issues

The Orange Farm Football Association (OFLFA) is on a mission to transform the lives of young individuals in the community through the beautiful game of soccer.

With a dedication to nurturing talent and providing a positive outlet for youth, the OFLFA is reaching out to potential sponsors to help support their cause.

Soccer serves as more than just a sport in Orange Farm; it acts as a lifeline, keeping youth away from the streets and shielding them from the grasp of negativity. However, despite the passion for the game, many aspiring players face obstacles such as the lack of proper soccer boots, which can deter their progress.

Additionally, teams struggle to afford essential soccer kits and equipment, hindering their ability to provide opportunities for player sponsorships.

In their unwavering commitment to grooming future professional soccer stars and addressing pressing social issues like crime and drug abuse, the OFLFA utilizes sports as a catalyst for positive change. They recognize the importance of community support and are appealing to local businesses to contribute by donating soccer balls and offering financial assistance.

The reality is stark: poverty grips the community, making it challenging for teams to thrive without external support. Yet, amidst these challenges, the OFLFA remains resilient in their pursuit of uplifting the community through sports.

“Together, we can empower the youth, enrich lives, and build a brighter future for Orange Farm,” said Mokwena.

For those willing to make a difference and support the OFLFA’s noble cause, they are encouraged to reach out to the association’s secretary, Mokwena, at 068 526 0129.

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