Mr Sirga revives Easter Soccer Tournament to combat substance abuse

After a hiatus, Tshepiso ‘Mr Sirga’ Ditshoane is resurrecting the Mr Sirga Easter Soccer Tournament Top 16 First team, scheduled to run from 29 March to 1 April. With a call to action, Mr Sirga welcomes teams keen on participating in this significant event.

The tournament, set to unfold at the City Park Regional Grounds in Ext 1, promises an infusion of soccer excitement, showcasing exceptional skills, electrifying tsamayas, and dazzling shibobos.

Mr Sirga, reflecting on the community’s persistent longing for the tournament’s return, expressed his determination to make this comeback a memorable one.

“The primary aim of the tournament is to spotlight the issue of alcohol and drug abuse within the Orange Farm community,” Mr Sirga emphasized.

“Over the years, we’ve witnessed the escalating damage caused by substance abuse, and it’s time to address it head-on. By raising awareness through the platform of soccer, we aim to confront this pressing issue,” said Mr Sirga.

Collaborating with organizations sharing the same mission, Mr Sirga highlighted the collective effort needed to tackle substance abuse effectively. “We urge soccer teams and potential sponsors to join us in this vital endeavor, not only for the benefit of the clubs but for the entire Orange Farm community,” he concluded.

For those interested in participating or supporting the cause, reach out to Mr Sirga at 081 384 6047.

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