A Roaring Gesture: Orange Farm’s Hungry Lion donates 230 meals to local children

Stretford 6’s Ernest Foundation, recently facilitated the distribution of 230 Hungry Lion Meals to its beneficiaries, making a significant impact on the lives of children in the community.

The generous donation of meals by Hungry Lion’s Orange Farm Mall brought joy and relief to the children who are part of Ernest Foundation’s after-school program and others in the surrounding area.

Eyethu Orange Farm Mall’s staff members after preparing the meals

Pride Tlotlofatso Nkhumise, founder and executive director of Ernest Foundation, told Orange Farm News: “The meals were distributed to local children who are part of our Foundation’s after school programme and others from around the area. Hungry Lion’s contribution has deeply touched our hearts, and we want to express our gratitude for their generosity. Knowing that Hungry Lion has chosen to invest in the well-being and future of children fills us with immense joy.”

The distribution event was not only about providing nourishment but also about enriching the children’s experience. A captivating puppet show was organised, designed to engage and entertain them while imparting important messages of empathy, friendship, and the power of dreams.

Established in 2020, Ernest Foundation is dedicated to comprehensive empowerment through social, educational, and economic initiatives. The foundation envisions a future where all individuals overcome adversities and lead empowered lives. Through its after-school program, which caters to learners between Grade 1 and 3, the Foundation provides invaluable assistance with homework and reading, aiming to create a nurturing and supportive learning environment.

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