ActionSA empowers farmers in Drieziek 4 with seedling distribution

ActionSA’s Gauteng Provincial Chairperson, Funzi Ngobeni, alongside Johannesburg Councillors Mpumi Edward and Ayanda Mchunu, led a collaborative effort on Thursday, 22 February, to harvest and distribute seedlings to numerous farmers supported by ActionSA in Orange Farm’s Drieziek 4 community.

During the distribution, Provincial Chairperson Funzi Ngobeni addressed the assembled farmers, acknowledging the challenges they face and outlining ActionSA’s commitment to empowering them with sustainable solutions.

He expressed gratitude for their vital contributions to job creation and poverty alleviation, underscoring the importance of supporting local agriculture for both economic prosperity and food security.

Provincial Chairperson Ngobeni’s visit to Orange Farm reflects ActionSA’s dedication to engaging with local farmers and addressing their needs. He emphasized the organization’s policy on agriculture and economic prosperity, stressing the pivotal role of entrepreneurs and the private sector in driving economic recovery and community empowerment.

Farmers expressed their appreciation for the support received from ActionSA, citing previous assistance in the form of distributed seedlings, including spinach, cabbage, and carrots. However, they also raised concerns such as netting and piping issues, as well as challenges related to crop theft and property damage. Despite these challenges, ActionSA remains steadfast in its commitment to promoting sustainable agriculture practices and supporting farmers in their efforts to build a prosperous future for themselves and their communities.

Through initiatives like the seedling distribution in Drieziek 4, ActionSA continues to advocate for the vital role of agriculture in South Africa’s economic development and food security.

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