Stakeholders unite for School Safety Programme at Aha-Thuto Secondary

Amidst a collaborative effort to prioritize student safety, Aha-Thuto Secondary, Ext. 7b, recently hosted a comprehensive school safety program on Friday, 23 February.

The initiative, a key component of the Community Service Initiative, saw an array of stakeholders coming together to deliver essential services and education to the school’s learners.

Participating stakeholders included SAPS, Social Crime Prevention Coordinators, Sector Managers, the school’s Adopt-A-Cop program, Orange Farm Crime Prevention Youth Desk, PSA Union, SGB Committee, Department of Health, and of course, the Aha-Thuto learners themselves.

The primary focus of the program was to educate and sensitize learners on critical issues such as bullying, youth involvement in conflicts with the law, possession of dangerous weapons and drugs, gangsterism stemming from illegal initiation schools, and healthcare awareness.

Professional nurses from the Department of Health conducted health screenings and provided valuable information on various illnesses. Addressing the learners were esteemed figures including PSA Provincial Coordinator, Olivia Masigo, Sgt. Motsapi, and the Chairperson of the Crime Prevention Youth Desk.

They emphasized adherence to the school’s code of conduct and its underlying principles. Furthermore, signage boards prohibiting the use of alcohol, drugs, narcotics, possession of dangerous weapons, and anti-bullying messages were handed over to the headmasters for display on school premises, reinforcing the commitment to a safe and conducive learning environment.

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