Esididini Community Project sows the seeds of transformation

In a bid to uplift and empower women and youth, the “Esididini Community Project Sows the Seeds of Transformation”Esididini Community Project has launched a transformative garden program at Aha-Thuto Secondary School, aimed at equipping learners with entrepreneurial skills and providing nutritious food to those in need.

Located in the southern region of Johannesburg, Orange Farm, the Esididini Community Project extends its mission from its longstanding service in rural communities such as KwaZulu-Natal (Newcastle, Madadeni) for nineteen years. Focused on objectives including Gender-Based Violence (GBV), Early Childhood Development (ECD), and Agriculture Home-Based Care, the project aims to address pressing social and economic challenges through sustainable initiatives.

Partnering with schools in the Orange Farm area, the organization has secured space for vegetable planting, with a focus on brown beans, to benefit underprivileged learners. By cultivating the land and harvesting ripe produce, bags of beans are distributed to students in need, fostering self-sufficiency and combating poverty.

Melato Holekani, an educator at Aha-Thuto, lauds the project’s impact on learners’ well-being, emphasizing the nutritional value and health benefits of fresh, homegrown food. He calls for the expansion of the initiative to reach more pupils in need.

Maqhawe Madela of Esididini Community Project underscores the importance of self-reliance and community engagement, urging individuals to take advantage of opportunities for personal and collective growth.

Recognizing the contributions of Nabawee Sanders and Sibusiso Nhlengethwa, project managers, Madela acknowledges their role in bringing this empowering initiative to fruition.

“The garden program at Aha-Thuto Secondary School exemplifies the transformative power of community-driven initiatives, fostering resilience, self-reliance, and holistic well-being among learners and the broader community of Orange Farm,” said Madela.

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