Family in Drieziek 4 appeals for assistance amid dire living conditions

The absence of identity documents (IDs) plagues countless South Africans, creating significant barriers to employment and social welfare benefits. This predicament perpetuates across generations, as children born without IDs grow up to face the same struggles, perpetuating a painful cycle.

Dingaan Mofokeng, a resident of Drieziek 4, exemplifies this plight. Despite being born in South Africa, he lacks an ID, complicating life for him and his three children. Mofokeng has single-handedly raised his children since their mother’s passing, but without birth certificates, his teenagers are ineligible for social grants due to their late mother’s lack of identification and Mofokeng’s own ID-less status.

Their living conditions are dire: unemployment, insufficient food, lack of school uniforms for the children, a leaky and dilapidated shack that offers scant protection from the elements, and a scarcity of furniture and blankets.

While neighbors offer sporadic assistance, a permanent solution is urgently required – a proper home and IDs for Mofokeng and his children.

Mofokeng implores anyone able to assist to come forward, emphasizing the urgent need for an RDP house and IDs for himself and his children to secure birth certificates.

Mofokeng said: “Life is incredibly challenging. We desperately need assistance, particularly with obtaining an RDP house and IDs for me and my children to secure birth certificates, we require assistance from every possible avenue available to us. I appeal to anyone who can help to please do so.”

If you are able to assist this family, please call 079 244 8404 or 081 254 6958.

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