School principal shot by grade 6 boy learner

Gauteng Education MEC Matome Chiloane is deeply devastated by an incident that took place on Friday, 16 February, where the principal of Primrose Hill Primary School in Germiston was allegedly shot by a Grade 6 boy learner.

The incident is reported to have occurred on Friday morning when the principal saw learners sitting in the foyer and instructed to take out their workbooks to study. The Grade 6 learner allegedly mumbled something in response, but the principal ignored him.

He saw the learner again later near the staff room, which is when he was unfortunately shot by him with a firearm. The principal was then rushed to a local medical facility for necessary attention and is currently recovering from his injuries.

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding this incident, however, it is alleged that the firearm belongs to the learner’s parent. The Psycho-Social Support Unit will visit the school on Monday, 19 February, to provide necessary counselling and trauma support. Employee Wellness will also assist the principal and employees at the school following this traumatic incident.

“Indeed, we are taken aback by the nature of this incident and the manner in which it occurred, and we discourage such acts of misconduct at our schools. We will be invoking necessary disciplinary action against the learner, while also monitoring the principal’s condition to ensure that he returns to full health. Our plea is for parents to not refrain from instilling discipline in their children,” said MEC Chiloane.

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