Esididini raises awareness on GBV at Aha-Thuto Secondary

The Esididini Community Project has launched a class-to-class awareness campaign at Aha-Thuto Secondary School to empower students with knowledge about their rights and available services in cases of Gender-Based Violence (GBV).

Conducting four campaigns per week, participants educate students on GBV, legal rights, and support services such as GBV social workers. Various forms of GBV are addressed, including physical, verbal, psychological, sexual, domestic violence, harassment, and sexual harassment.

Additionally, the organization planted beans on the school premises and donated the plants to children in need, as part of their community charity efforts.

Operating in Orange Farm, the Esididini Community Project focuses on GBV, Early Childhood Development (ECD), Agriculture, and Home-Based Care. They’ve extended their support to families in crisis, such as providing assistance to a family whose house burned down at Ext 6, resulting in the loss of a mother.

Maqhawe Madela, GBV supervisor at Esididini Community Project, emphasized the importance of understanding rights and types of GBV. He said: “It’s crucial to educate people about GBV, as some individuals misuse their power and control over others. We need to empower victims and educate communities on where to report such incidents.”

Madela expressed gratitude to ECP management, Sibusiso Nhlengethwa and Nabawee Sanders for their support in empowering the community.

Every action counts in addressing social issues, and volunteering is a meaningful way to contribute to community causes. Esididini Community Project remains committed to making a positive impact and empowering individuals to combat GBV and other societal challenges.

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