Raising awareness on serious crimes in Orange Farms and surrounding areas

Sergeant Motsapi, the communication officer of Orange Farms SAPS, is taking proactive steps to address prevalent crimes affecting the community.

In a recent outreach initiative, Sgt Motsapi engaged with residents of Orange Farms, Poortjie, and neighboring areas to shed light on the pressing issue of criminal activities.

Among the key concerns highlighted were assaults, particularly Assaults GBH, which have become all too common in Orange Farms. Additionally, the community faces the grim reality of murders stemming from mob justice incidents or domestic violence.

Another alarming trend discussed was the vulnerability of individuals walking alone at night, especially in poorly lit and secluded areas. Sgt Motsapi emphasized the importance of remaining vigilant and avoiding such risky situations to ensure personal safety.

Moreover, motorists were urged to exercise caution, particularly on high-risk routes such as the R28 Randfontein road and the N1 highway from Johannesburg to Bloemfontein and vice versa. Incidents of motor vehicle hijackings have been reported along these routes, prompting a call for heightened awareness and preventative measures.

Sgt Motsapi advised motorists not to stop or linger unnecessarily, especially at intersections or remote areas, to minimize the risk of falling victim to hijackings.

By raising awareness and fostering community engagement, Sgt Motsapi aims to empower residents to be proactive in safeguarding themselves and their neighborhoods against criminal threats. Through collective efforts and vigilance, the community can work towards creating a safer and more secure environment for all.

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