Mapule Mokoena opens up about being victim of malicious character assassination scheme

Mapule Mokoena, a respected farmer and community builder in Orange Farm, has broken her silence after being targeted in a malicious character assassination plot.

She recently spoke with Orange Farm News to address the distress caused by the creation of a fake Facebook account using her and her husband’s images, falsely labeling them as scammers.

Mokoena, renowned for her dedication to empowering local farmers with knowledge, skills, and resources, expressed her devastation at the defamation of her character. Despite her noble intentions of sharing agricultural expertise acquired through her PhD, she found herself the victim of baseless accusations and slander.

In her interview with Orange Farm News, Mokoena revealed her shock upon discovering the fabricated allegations, including claims of misusing funds meant for farmers’ salaries. She lamented the emotional toll inflicted by the betrayal of some individuals she once trusted, who were involved in the very projects she championed.

Struggling with depression and anxiety in the aftermath of the attack on her reputation, Mokoena vowed to pursue legal action against those responsible for the deceitful campaign. She emphasized her perplexity at the motives behind such malicious acts, reiterating her genuine desire to assist local farmers without seeking personal gain.

As a seasoned farmer who has worked diligently to establish her own farm, Mokoena’s commitment to uplifting the agricultural community remains unwavering, despite the adversity she now faces.

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